Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What Big Teeth You Have

Today, I had the joy of a nearly 2 hour dentist appointment to fill four cavities and have a follow-up cleaning. Aside from my extremely awkward dental hygienist who wants to be an actress, hitting up her patients for leads on casting directors, the entire experience was very manageable.

The coolest part happened when the dentist showed me the x-rays of my wisdom teeth. "Look," he exclaimed, "you have a second wisdom tooth!" He was oddly excited about it. I don't think he sees this very often.

And sure enough, about a third the size of one of my massive wisdom teeth, another smaller wisdom tooth is hanging out, crammed into his larger colleague, somewhere in the back of my jaw.

So I have to get my wisdom teeth removed. All 5 of them. That can not be enjoyable.

I wonder if they will charge for the extra tooth, or maybe they can throw it in as a freebie. I think they should let me keep it. The tooth fairy would pay good money for a freak tooth like that, right?

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